Year 9 Connect

Unique in our region is the King's Connect Program for Year 9 students.  

This course serves as a bridge between the Middle Years and the academic rigour of the final 3 years of schooling by incorporating a wide range of excellent developmental opportunities. 

Unique Features of the Year 9 Connect Program

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program

All Year 9 students undertake a core academic course which includes:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Personal Development
• Bible Study

All Year 9 students also study:
One year long major option
2 semester long minor options

Students select a major option from:
• Food Technology
• French
• Music
• Visual Arts
• Woodwork

Two minor options are selected from:
• Aquaculture
• Computer Programming
• Performance (Drama)
• Sports Squad
• Textiles
• Web Design



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Year 9 Connect

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