King's Advantage - Wellbeing

King’s College believes that your child/children will do well if they are part of an environment in which they are recognised, appreciated, encouraged and challenged.

Each area of the College is focused on the specific developmental and pastoral needs of children at that stage in their development through which student are recognized, encouraged, directed and motivated relevant to their age.

The College has a number of structures in place that are designed to provide students with a sense of belonging; a sense that they are part of something that has meaning and to which their contributions make a difference.
As students move through the College their opportunities are extended to excercise leadership potential, develop interpersonal skills and explore personal talents.  These qualities interlink with the foundational guidance of valuing supportive relationships and teamwork.

The introduction of the College House system in our Junior Years is expanded upon in Middle and Senior Years to enhance our students sense of belonging.

Supporting learning needs

King’s students who experience difficulties in foundational areas of learning are supported through additional assistance being provided in literacy, numeracy and other developmental needs as identified.

We actively support students with learning difficulties, mild intellectual disabilities, language disorders and behavioural needs.

If your child/children has a disability diagnosis, the College may be able to access additional resources through Government programs to assist students with a Disability.