Employment - The King's Teacher

King’s College teachers enable our young people to find their place in a world that has endless challenges and opportunities. They interest their students in thinking, in doing, in accepting others and in being at one with themselves integrated in a Christian view of life and the world.

Our teachers inspire our students to value learning and help them set personal educational goals. They give the each child the confidence to achieve their goals.
Teachers challenge each young person to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, and to grow in knowledge and skill, so they may serve the world through their character and leadership.

King’s teachers bring a range of academic expertise and life experiences to their classrooms. They are passionate about their teaching and they demonstrate confidence in their abilities. This is reflected in their energy and enthusiasm and in the diversity of their teaching practice.

Our teachers are aware of the emotional development and particular needs of young people. They affirm and reward learning and empower and challenge their students. At the same time they encourage creativity and foster collaboration and peer learning. They use teaching strategies that are flexible and accommodating and that cater for different ability levels.

There are a variety of co-curricular activities offered at the College and all teachers play a role in these as part of their professional obligation as a teacher at King’s College.