Our People - Staff Directory

Our staff are Christian men and women who share a passion for education and assisting young people become the best they can be.

Each member of staff is valued for the important role they play within the College community and in creating a model for excellence in all that they do.

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Who should I contact...?


Student progress: Contact your child's teacher or the relevant Team Leader at any time during the year.

Any unresolved matters: Mr Ian McKay, Principal

For appointments with the PrincipalDaniela Rizzo, Principal's Assistant

Absence Notifications: absent@kingscollege.com.au

Accounts: Mrs Melinda Killeen or Mrs Sue Cressall, Accounts Officers
Instrumental Music: Mr Andrew Philpot, Music Coordinator
Enrolment Enquiries: Mrs Kate McNaughton, Enrolment Officer
School Buses: College Reception
Newsletter: newsletter@kingscollege.com.au