Our Houses

The current 3 College houses were introduced at the commencement of 2012.
Each house was named after well known men of God who played significant roles in the development of the reformed Christian Church.

Calvin, Knox and Luther

Calvin    Who was John Calvin?

2016 House Captains
Bailey Snook and Alana Johnson

2016 Middle Years House Captains
Olivia Williams and Jack Dilley

House Charity
Warrnambool Foodshare



Knox      Who was John Knox?

2016 House Captains
Ben Cressall and Sheridyn Speed

2016 Middle Years House Captains
Rosie Ryan and Tristan Gibbs

House Charity
Southwest Healthcare


Luther     Who was Martin Luther?

2016 House Captains
Tim Stott and Nicky Oosthuizen

2016 Middle Years House Captains
Jarrod Champness and Melody Greene

House Charity
The Salvation Army



About our houses...

• Students are allocated to a House upon commencing Prep and remain in that House throughout their schooling at King’s.

•  Students with older siblings are placed in the same House as their family members. College Houses play an important role in the life of the College for Pastoral Care, Interhouse competitions in sport, debating and speaking and various other aspects of developing a sense of community.

•  Each House supports a local Charity each year through a Casual Dress Day and another House arranged fundraising day during the year.

•  Each House sponsors a child from Uganda through a Giving Week during the first week of each month where students are encouraged to donate some of their pocket money or earnings from part time jobs.