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1983   discussions and prayer began between ministers and friends 
           in the Warrnambool Presbyterian community and later other 
           Christian churches in the city to determine whether God 
           was leading the establishment of a Christian school in Warrnambool.

1984   Warrnambool Presbyterian School Ltd was registered as a company on 13 August.

1985   14 hectare Balmoral Road site was purchased for $93 000.

1986   King’s College opened with 19 students in rented facilities in the Warrnambool CBD
           Initial teachers were Mr Peter Ward as Senior Teacher and Mr Jack Hindman.
           Mr Hindman left Warrnambool during the first year and was replaced
           by Mrs Rosalie Monaghan who remained with the College until 1996.

1985   The current College site on Balmoral Road
           had been purchased with an initial site of 14 hectares. 

1987   The College moved to the Balmoral Road site with temporary classrooms,
            initially with 26 primary aged students.
           Mr Neville Stanway replaced Mr Ward as Senior Teacher.
           The first permanent building was completed (a toilet block!). 
           Mrs Kerry Snook, a current teacher, commenced teaching at King’s.

1988   Five classrooms were occupied with 88 students enrolled.
           Extensive tree plantings were carried out and a playground developed.

1989   Mrs Rosalie Monaghan replaced Mr Stanway as Senior Teacher.
           The primary oval was developed.

1997   Preschool was offered for the first time.

1991-92  Initial expansion to include a secondary program
               was short-lived due to Federal Government funding policies. 

1998   Year 7 (the first year of secondary schooling)
           was reintroduced and continued to grow in the following years.

2000   Early Years facilities constructed.

2003   Year 12 commenced for the first time.

Throughout the years regular facilities development has been undertaken
expanding teaching facilities and including sporting facilities
(ovals, playing fields, basketball and tennis courts).

2005    The Uebergang Sports Centre was built.

2009    The Gwen and Edna Jones Auditorium was built.

2010    The Neil and Beth Benfell Library



Environmental Initiatives