The Benfell Years

Mr Neil Benfell, Principal 1994 - 2010

Rev Neil Benfell was appointed
the College’s second Principal
in 1994.

Mr Benfell had previously been
integrally involved in the establishment
of King’s College and served as a
Foundation College Council member
from 1984 to 1986.


Neil Benfell's leadership was instrumental
to a lengthy period of development and growth with highlights including:

Pre-Prep program commenced.

Preschool commenced.

Year 7 re-introduced to commence the development of secondary classes.

Major building work added the start of;
•  the now senior wing including the pentagon,
•  science laboratory,
•  computer lab and
•  sporting facilities (main oval, soccer pitch, tennis/basketball courts).

New preschool facilities constructed.
Additions to the senior wing.
Canteen opened.

The Ubergang Sports Centre was opened.

Auditorium opened.

New Library opened.


The first Year 12 class
In 2003 the College’s first Year 12 class graduated
with enrolments peaking at 434 students in 2006.

Mr Benfell retired as Principal at the end of 2010
but continued to serve as Christian Education Consultant
during 2011 before retiring.

The Neil and Beth Benfell Library
In October 2012 the College Library was named
the Neil and Beth Benfell Library in recognition of their 30 years of selfless service
since being involved in the first discussions about a Christian school in Warrnambool.




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