Music plays an important role in the life of students at King’s College with the opportunity for music to be studied throughout the College including VCE levels.

Music is an important component of both Early and Junior Years classrooms helping children develop confidence and a love of music.

Class music in the Middle Years is a core course and includes elements of aural, composition, performance and musical understanding and appreciation. These provide a sound basis for students moving into optional courses in Year 9 and 10 and later VCE.

Students can join College ensembles having the opportunity to perform at assemblies and other College events including roles in the orchestra for the College’s annual production.

The College has a Concert Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble and a Pipes & Drums Band that students are able to be a part of to further enhance their musical abilities beyond the classroom.

Visiting tutors attend weekly for students wishing to learn an instrument, further information is available at the College office.


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