Middle Years: Years 5 - 8

LINKing to Students’ Needs

Teachers and students use the L-I-N-K acronym
to remain focused on what we value
in the Middle Years at King’s.

Learn about our God, about ourselves as His creation and about the world in which He has placed us. 
Our Middle Years focus fosters a genuine love of learning.

Innovate by using the creativity God has entrusted us with having created us in His image. 
We maximise valuable opportunities for initiative and creativity

Navigate our way through our lives, trusting God’s wisdom with the choices we make. 
We provide nurture, care and positive role models for each student.

Know Christ and all that He wants us to know to be the people He wants us to be. 
We develop intellectual and other abilities with a rigorous educational program






Pastoral Care

Co-Curricula Program

Academic performance

King's Cares Service Program

Career Education

A Focus on Speaking

Year 7/8 iPad Program

Compass Award Program