Our Houses - Luther

In October 1517, Martin Luther had had enough.  Twelve years earlier he had been caught in a terrifying thunderstorm and had bargained with God for his life: “Help me St Anne and I will become a monk.”  But 12 years of trying to quieten his conscience and earn his right standing with God through good works seemed useless.  And nor was Luther convinced by the Pope who said that one could purchase their way to heaven through ‘indulgences’ (financial gifts to the church). 

Luther had started reading the Bible.  It was then he realised that God saved those who put their trust in the Lord Jesus as saviour.  Salvation was by grace through faith in Christ alone!  In October 1517, Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church signalling his intent to debate the church authorities on certain matters.  The Pope responded with a public letter saying “a Wild Boar has invaded the Vineyard.” 

Indeed Luther was a man of bold and unwavering conviction, and now the battle was on between a corrupt church and those whose conscience was captive to the Scriptures.  We now call that battle, “The Reformation.”

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