Frequently asked questions

My family is not a Christian family.  Are we still able to enrol our children at King’s?

Yes.   Whilst King’s College was established to support and partner with Christian families, and the majority of our families are Christian, we welcome enrolment enquiries from any family who are seeking a Christian education for their children.  An education that opens their minds, challenges and expands their thinking, and builds the foundations for strong personal character.

I have heard that Private education is expensive?

Sending your child/children to a private school such as King’s is an investment in your child’s future.  There is nothing more important for a parent than providing the best opportunities for their child for the future. 

Costs are certainly greater at a private school than a public school education but your investment provides you:
•  Christian values and teachings
•  consistently high academic standards
•  a focus on high standards of dress, courtesy and behaviour

The best opportunities for your child to achieve to their potential.

Costs start from around $18/week for a child attending the single session/week Kinder program to around $133/week for a child in Year 12 completing their VCE. 

Costs at King’s comparing very favourable to private schools in Geelong and Melbourne where tuition fees can be up to $600/week for a child.

At King’s College generous discounts apply for siblings and financial bursaries can be applied for by families experiencing financial hardship.  We aim to support every family that genuinely seeks a Christian education for their child.

King’s is indeed an extremely affordable, high quality, private education for your child here locally in Warrnambool. 

Are smaller class sizes in VCE a disadvantage to my child?

On the contrary we would suggest that King’s provides a significant advantage to your child through smaller class sizes by ensuring individualised, personalised tuition which is not possible in larger schools.

The important aspect that parents should consider for VCE is can their child progress to the post schooling pathway they desire.  In King’s experience the answer is Yes.

King’s College are proud that our graduates have progressed into the full range of post schooling pathways including, but not limited to:
•  Medicine
•  Law
•  Engineering
•  Education
•  Vocational pathways

King’s can offer a personalised VCE education that is unrivalled in other larger schools.  The advantages of class sizes such as our is unbeatable.

Does King’s College have a Kindergarten program?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive program from Kinder (3 year olds) through to Year 12.  King's sense of family and community along with our ability to cater for your family from Kinder to VCE, makes the King's experience unique in Warrnambool.

What are the main intake years at King’s College?

The main intake years are:
Kinder (3 year old program)
Year 5 (beginning of Middle Years)
Year 7 (for students finishing primary at other schools)
Year 9 (the unique King’s Connect program)

Whilst these are our main intake years, enrolment inquiries are invited and welcome at any year level, Kinder through to Year 12.  

How many children attend King’s College?

We have a school enrolment of 350  from Kinder to Year 12 providing a wonderful caring, Christian family community.

Does King’s College have an Open Day?

We believe that our prospective families gain most from seeing the College operating on a ‘normal’ daily basis rather than being restricted to a specific Open Day.  We therefore promote that every day is an Open Day at King’s and we would be pleased to arrange a personalised tour at any time that suits you.

Your tour will be with the Principal, Mr Ian McKay or our Deputy Principal, Mr Michael Tucker.

These personalised tours allow families the opportunity to ask the questions that matter to them and to see the College operating as it does every day.

In addition to the opportunity for families to have a personalised tour at any time during the year the College also holds:
•  Community Open Day
•  Year 9 Connect Information Evening
•  VCE Information Evening

Please contact our Enrolments Officer on 55620147 or for further information.

Does my child have to sit an entrance test?

No.  King’s College welcomes all students whose families seek a Christian education and are willing to commit to the College’s beliefs and teachings.

Enrolment of students with special needs is considered on a case by case basis with consideration of the College’s capacity to cater for the child’s needs.

Will my child be able to attend an interstate or overseas University when he/she leaves King’s College?

Yes, all Australian Universities and many major universities around the world accept an appropriate Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), which is derived from a child’s final Victorian Certificate of Education results (VCE).

The ATAR is calculated solely for use by tertiary institutions, either on its own or in conjunction with other selection criteria, to rank and select school leavers for admission to tertiary courses.  The maximum rank attainable is 99.95 with a minimum of 0.00 with increments of 0.05.

Does King’s College offer the International Baccalaurete (IB)?

At King’s College we have, at present, determined that we will offer the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) rather than the International Baccalaureate (IB).

King’s College has always been proud of our diversity.  At this stage in our development we do not believe that our offerings to students would be enhanced by committing to an externally prescriptive curriculum such as the IB.

As a non-selective school, we believe the VCE is inclusive in its philosophy and therefore reflects many of the key values of our College.

What languages do you teach?

Students in Prep to Year 8 study French as a core subject.  For students in Years 9-12, the study of a second language is not compulsory but encouraged.

Chinese (Mandarin) is also offered as an additional co-curricular language for all students from Prep to Year 12.

Does King’s College have an Outdoor Education Programme?

Yes, the College runs a comprehensive excursion/camp/experiential program for students from Kinder to Year 12 increasing in complexity throughout the years.

Kinder to Year 2   -  a range of excursions and incursions
Years 3 to 8           -  a range of excursions, incursions and camps
Year 9 Connect    -  Two, 7 day challenges are coordinated through the year
Year 10                  -  3 day team development camp
Year 11                  -  3 day leadership camp
Year 12                  -  leadership conference, university visits, career expo

What sport do you offer?

King’s students, and teams successfully compete in a range of individual and team sports including:

swimming, badminton, basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, AFL, cross country, soccer, netball, athletics, equestrian and clay target shooting.

Are the classrooms at King’s College air-conditioned?

Yes, almost all classrooms have reverse cycle air conditioning.  The small number of teaching spaces without heating and cooling are progressively having reverse cycle air-conditioners installed.

Do King’s welcome parental involvement at the College?

Absolutely!  In fact we consider our partnership with parents as essential in the development of each child to their full potential.

The active involvement of parents in their child’s school not only helps our school but more importantly actively demonstrates to your child that you:
•  value their education
•  support their school