Our Community - King's College Volunteers

Support from parents is highly valued at King’s.  

Research has undeniably shown that by working together in partnership, schools, families and communities are better able to support children in achieving the best educational outcomes from their schooling years.

Whilst there is no doubt the College benefits from volunteer support, the greatest benefit from family involvement is for the children who are able to see that their family actively supports their school and value education.  Parents, grandparents, guardians and other family members contributing as helpers within sessions enrich the child’s transition and at King’s we value this support.

 Requests for assistance will be issued regularly throughout the year; this is mainly done via email, the KCV noticeboard near Reception and the Compass newsfeed.

In our Early Years Centre (Kinder & Preschool) children love to have their ‘turn’ at having a helper come and be a part of the session.  Their sense of belonging to the group is enhanced and they love to share the Kinder and Preschool experiences with their family.

At King’s we recommend for our Kinder families to aim to be a helper for one session per term.  In the Preschool program, we encourage parents (or other nominated family members) to assist for two sessions per term. 

For further information, please request a copy of the KCV leaflet from the College office.