Our Heritage - Environmental Initiatives

As part of King’s College’s ongoing commitment towards environmental sustainability,
the College continues to implement energy and water saving initiatives
both retrofitting existing buildings and in the design of new facilities.

Recent initiatives have included:

Installation of two 5.5 megalitre water tanks that harvest water from the Sports Stadium.
This water is used for College toilets and irrigation.
It is estimated that this initiative saves 2,000,000 litres of water per year.

Electrical and solar grants, received as part of the National Solar Schools grants in 2010
were used to install photovoltaic panels in the new Library and replace fluroscent tubes
with more energy efficient tubes.

In 2011 timer switches were installed in student toilets to reduce energy wastage.
In 2012 similar timers were installed in the staff room and staff toilets.

The 2012 Early Years extension has been built to meet current energy efficient guidelines.