Our Houses - Calvin

What could possibly reform the broken, pleasure-loving society of Geneva In the early 1530s, into “the most perfect school of Christ that ever was on the earth since the days of the Apostles” in just 20 years?  John Calvin, a man of sharp mind and great organisational ability, understood God’s sovereign will in the Scriptures and then set about reforming church and society according to God’s purposes. 

He prepared a Confession of Faith to be accepted by the citizens of Geneva, he planned an education program for all and he insisted on discipline for those who strayed from the faith.

Calvin himself was a retiring, shy personality.   But he himself said, “God has so whirled me around by various events that he has never let me rest anywhere.  In spite of my natural inclination, he has thrust me into the limelight and made me ‘get into the game’ as they say.”   Calvin was convinced that God had a ‘game’.  And God’s game was all of life.  Calvin helped reform life for individuals, churches and societies, enabling people to play the game of life well, submitted to God’s will and his ways.

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